Inheritance Certificate In Pakistan

What is Inheritance Certificate In Pakistan?


What is Inheritance Certificate In Pakistan?

The inheritance certificate is also known as wirasatnama, is a certificate that is issued by the civil court. It is the most important and most important legal document in case of an individuals death. In case of death, you need an Inheritance Certificate to transfer the rights of the property under their ownership to someone else’s ownership. In below article we are going to guide you How can you Acquire an Inheritance Certificate In Pakistan?

Inheritance Certificate is mandatory not only for legal authorities but also important for housing schemes to verify the legal inheritors. The Inheritance Certificate is not only important for property transfer in Pakistan in someone else’s name but it also plays an important role in establishing and securing the inheritors of the property according to the property act of Pakistan.

How can you Acquire an Inheritance Certificate In Pakistan?

To acquire Inheritance Certificate / wirasatnama there are few important documents that you need to submit in civil court to get your inheritance certificate in Pakistan.

  • Dead person’s death certificate
  • CNIC of inheritors
  • Public advertisement and issued legal notices
  • CNIC of the deceased person
  • Statement of inheritors
  • One independent witness
  • Registry of immovable property

The process of acquiring the wirasatnama involves a few simple steps. First of all, you need to hire a professional lawyer who will prepare a written document mentioning all the important details about legal inheritors and the property that is left behind by the deceased person. On the bases of records, statements, and evidence four hearing sessions are carried out in civil court. For complete satisfaction, these court sessions are important. After the completion of court session and satisfaction of the civil court, the Inheritance Certificate / wirasatnama is issued to the legal inheritors.


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