Types Of Building Foundation

Two Best Types Of Building Foundation

As we know to make a building the foundation is the most necessary part. Without a strong foundation, a building cannot stand to its best. In construction one of the most challenging task is to form a firm foundation. It must consist of the right number of elements. As the foundation has two fundamental purposes, equally distributing the weight of the building. Keeping away the soil and moisture from damaging the structure. So here we present you the two types of building foundation.

Two Best Types Of Building Foundation

Depending on the topography, geology, and pedology the type of foundation to be used is determined. Here are the two types of constructions that are used accordingly:

  1. Shallow foundation
  2. Deep foundation


This type of building foundation is usually larger than the deep foundation. A shallow base, as the name implies, is ideal for a depth of up to 3 feet (1 meter). These types of foundations are used where the earth is firm. They are supported by a series of structural footings consisting of a mix of concrete and steel rebar.
Shallow foundations are more cost-effective for a variety of reasons.
They are the most commonly used foundations. Since they do not necessitate extensive drilling or drilling into the soil. When the structure isn’t too heavy and the soil will support a large amount of weight at a shallow depth, shallow foundations are a good choice. There are four types of shallow foundations:

  • Mat foundation
  • Individual footing
  • Combined footing
  • Stem wall foundation


A deep base is used to help add support to very large buildings or at a building site where the soil is soft and the earth is not much firm. This type of building foundation is designed to move the weight of the building deep underneath the earth’s crust. They will go 60 to 200 feet (20 to 65 meters) deep.
For example, bridges, piers, and dams must lay foundations underwater while maintaining structural integrity. Deep foundations become critical in the building of large buildings at this stage. Piling is used to build all various kinds of deep foundations. It is a very important vertical structural feature that is used to carry out building work below ground level. The most famous deep foundations are ending bear piles and friction piles. There are some types of deep foundations that include:

  1. Pile foundation ( Ending bear piles, Friction piles)
  2. Caisson foundation


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