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Is Building Flats In Lahore a Good Idea?

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Lahore is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in Pakistan. As the population in Pakistan is increasing at a very fast rate. Lahore is transforming into an industrial city. People from other cities migrate here to get business and job opportunities.  Hence the population of Lahore has doubled in recent years. With this increase in population, the demand for owning a house is also directly increasing.

Everyone dreams to have their own house in a developing city. Lahore is introducing new housing schemes and societies every now and then. Less budget, secure environment, and ownership are the three main reasons people prefer to buy an apartment. But the question is, is building flats in Lahore a good idea?

So, here are some answers to the question:

Is Building Flats In Lahore a Good Idea?

Population:  Lahore has expanded over the years. Therefore, the property rates have reached the limit of the sky. It is not easy for a layman or to say a middle-class man to buy a house. People are forced to stay on rent. Introducing flats in such a situation could be a solution to the problem. As more people could be accommodated in less area. Hence it is more of benefits.


The sharp rise in real estate prices is the second biggest reason behind Lahore’s rising demand for the flat community. Not to mention, it is a lot more cost-effective to live in a flat or apartment building. Including bills and monthly rent, you can save a lot of money.


Climate can be a key factor when we think of building houses in any city. For example, Karachi has the ideal environment to facilitate the flat and apartment culture. As the city is near the sea. People have very well-ventilated homes. As at night, the sea breeze blows which cools the homes at night. Amidst this fact, Properties in hotter environments are prone to long sunshine impact, which can prematurely lead external finishes to age.


Although one can never be sure about security. But if one lives in an apartment or flat there are dozens of families living with you. Also, the flats are easier to maintain than a house. As the living area is small. It is easy to manage and clean the house. In addition, a front wall and a safety guard at the main entrance ensures a lot of security as compared to available in most homes.

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