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House Construction Tips To Reduce Construction Cost

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Constructing and having own house is always a top priority of a man. But due to a lack of knowledge, we do some hilarious mistakes which cost us more during the construction of a house. In this article, we will share with you the 5 best house construction tips that will definitely reduce the cost of your construction.

5 Best House Construction Tips That Will Reduce Construction Cost

1. Calculate Load bearing Walls

The main difference between load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls is that load-bearing walls are 9 inches where non-load-bearing walls are 4.5 inches thick. The biggest mistake people do is that they make all the walls of the house 9 inches thicker, and think that it will increase the strength of their house. It costs double and the area consuming by the walls increases which make the living area tight. For example, if you construct 2 walls of  9 inches instead of 4.5 inches then you have wasted 9 inches of the space and spent the cost of 4 walls on 2 walls.

So, calculate load bearing wall and make only these walls of 9 inches and save your cost and space.

2. Check This Before Buying Plot

This step is useful if you have not yet bought a plot. Before buying a plot make sure that there is already constructed houses at two (right & left), or ideally three (right, left, and back) sides of your plot. This will help you to construct fewer walls and ultimately your construction costs will get reduced.

3. Right Sized Rooms

Make sure that your rooms are of the right size. If you go towards making big rooms, it will increase the construction cost and will affect the cooling and heating process of the room. It will increase the bill due to the consumption of high electricity. So, make sure that your rooms are of the right size. Neither small nor too big.

4. Planning & Budgeting

Before starting construction makes sure that you have planed the construction well. It has been seen that construction without planning costs more than the planned one. Moreover, make sure that you calculate the budget at right time. If you calculate the budget earlier and start your construction after months then chances are high that the cost of the project will become more due to the inflammation of the rates of material.

5. Keep the Design Simple

Keep simple cost-effective design. Also, keep the design of roofs simple and flat too as flat roofs are cheaper to construct. Moreover don’t use more beam, steel, and columns than required. Use fewer tiles in the front-face of your house as it makes the design elegant and attractive.

I hope that these house construction tips will help you to reduce the cost of your house.

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