Electric Bus Service Islamabad

Electric Bus Service Islamabad (Coming Soon)


Electric Bus Service Islamabad (Coming Soon)

ISLAMABAD: According to the latest CDA announcements a new electric bus service will be launched soon in Islamabad. This electric bus service will connect the Islamabad International Airport (IIA) to the Islamabad city (Peshawar morr). In the recent meetings of CDA, an operational model of the electric bus service was presented by the authority of CDA to Ali Nawaz Awan the special assistant of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

According to the authorities, the project will be outsourced to four different companies to handle the operation and maintenance of the project. In this electric bus service, Islamabad project total of 30 air-conditioned new buses will travel on the route (From Peshawar Morr Islamabad to Islamabad International Airport on a fixed schedule.

The authority has estimated the cost of the project will be approximately Rs.274 million. The idea of this new project is yet to be approved by the government of Pakistan. After the approval, the work on the project is expected to start by December 2020.

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