Documents Required For Transfer of Property

Documents Required For Transfer of Property/Plot

Documents Required For Transfer of Property/Plot

Below we are sharing a list of all the Documents Required For Transfer of Property. We hope this article will be helpful for you. Don’t forget to share this article. Sharing is caring. The following documents are required for the Transfer of property in Pakistan.

  • Prescribed transfer application to be filled by both parties and duly attested by the 1st Class officer and in case of Oustee attestation (counter signature) of First Class Magistrate is also essential.
  • Transfer fee as per prescribed rate in the shape of Pay Order.
  • Original allotment/offer letter.
  • NIC copy of the allottee (s)/ Attorney and Transferee(s) (attested)
  • NIC copy of the attesting officer.
  • Three specimen signatures/thumb impression of allottee (s)/ Attorney. (attested)
  • Passport size Photograph of both parties.
  • Indemnity bond by both parties on Rs. 30/- Judicial Stamp Paper duly registered with Notary Public/Oath Commissioner and countersigned by 1st Class Magistrate with an additional Indemnity Bond in case of Oustee of Village Sheikhpur.
  • NOC from Revenue, vacant plot is exempted.
  • NOC from Building Control Section, CDA for non-conforming use of the property.
  • Original attorney along with CDA acceptance letter.
  • Affidavit by an attorney regarding the aliveness of allottee & operative of attorney.
  • Original Agreement with CDA along with permission to mortgage letter by CDA if executed.
  • NOC from loan giving agency.
  • Special power of attorney duly attested by the embassy of Pakistan/ High Commission/ Consulate in case of the proposed transferee is abroad along with attested copies of Passport and NICs.
  • NIC copies of witness
  • Affidavit by allottee/attorney for duplicate NIC and difference of signature duly attested by Notary Public or Oath Commissioner and countersigned by 1st Class Magistrate.
  • In the case of female allottee accompany of a blood relation with documentary proof to identify the allottee.
  • In case of plots allotted by CDA to Oustee of Islamabad an affidavit prescribed by CDA duly attested by Notary Public/Oath Commissioner and Countersigned by 1st Class Magistrate.
  • In the case of Government Servant NOC from his department.

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