Difference between Covered area & Land area

Difference Between Covered Area and Land Area


Difference Between Covered Area and Land Area

When you are planning to construct a building you always hear different terminologies of construction. In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between the covered area and the land area. This article will help you understand the main difference between Covered and Land Area terminologies. Land area will help you calculate the total estimated cost of construction.

Land Area: Land Area is also known as the plot area. Land area is the total area of your plot. Let’s suppose your plot size is 5 marla. The dimensions of a 5 marla plot is mostly 25 feet by 45 feet, (5 Marla = 25×45 square feet).

What is Covered Area

How to calculate the land area?

Land areae = width x depth
Land area of 5 marla plot = 25×45 = 1125 square feet

To calculate the construction cost of the project you cannot use the total land area dimensions you will need dimensions of the dimensions of total covered area.

Covered Area: The area on which your building structure will be constructed. Let’s suppose you are constructing a building on a 5 marla plot and you are covering a total area of approximately 800 square feet. ( Note: if you are constructing a double story structure then multil[ply the total covered area with 2 e.g. 800 square feet x 2 = 1600 square feet). See the below image for better understanding.

What is Covered Area and land area


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