Best Types Of House Flooring

6 Best Types Of House Flooring

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When it comes to flooring there are many options out there. But when we filter them according to their aesthetics, budget, and durability then we left with a hand full of variety. In this article, we will tell you about some of the best types of house flooring with their pros and cons.

6 Best Types Of House Flooring

1.Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is aesthetically appealing and durable at the same time. The biggest advantage of it is that you can resell it whenever you want. Despite all that, it is expensive and demands a skilled person to fit it. That’s the main reason people avoid it in most cases especially in Pakistan.

2.Carpet Flooring

Carpets are one of the best economical options available. It’s easy to install and you can resell and change it as well after some time. The major setback of carpet is that it is not effective for warm environments. Moreover, It is not as hygienic as other flooring options are.

3.Vinyl Flooring

It’s just like a sticker or you can say wallpaper. It usually sticks with the floor using glue. If your budget is low, you can opt for this option. As it’s cheap you can change it after some time to give your rooms a new look.

4.Tiles Flooring

Tiles are always one of the most popular types of house flooring because of their vast range of variety and easy to clean matiral. It’s the best option for the spots like bathrooms and kitchens where the use of water is high.

5.Marble Flooring

Like tiles, marble is also one of the popular options for flooring in Pakistan. But in this option, we don’t have many options as we have in the case of tiles. Marble is usually costly than tiles but it’s durable at the same time. Marble has the quality of absorbing liquid on its surface due to which it accepts the stains.

6.Laminate Flooring

It gives the feel of wood but it is not made up of wood. Those who often renovate their houses should opt for this option because it is cheap and easily replaceable at the same time. As it is not made of wood so the durability in its case is compromising. It’s a good alternative to tiles but not recommended at the places like washroom and kitchen.

So these were some of the best types of house flooring options. I hope it would be beneficial for you. Moreover, do let us know that which flooring option you will use in your future construction?